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Who are Flessy and Glenn?

As a team, Zoe McConnell and Steve Neaves are known as Flessy & Glenn. Working together to create video and stills so that a campaign will have true consistency, they plan and execute a project with photography and filming often overlapping. Each co-directing, with Zoe acting as lead photographer while Steve serves as DOP and cameraman, their collaborative approach allows them to work efficiently and creatively, often bouncing ideas between each other and exchanging thoughts on how to bring their concepts to life. Whilst Steve is capturing footage Zoe switches roles and gets hands on directing the models, making sure every body shape and outfit is on point. 

They have developed a run and gun technique of film shooting, that uses high end Red Epic cameras. This is the perfect set up to capture beautiful spontaneous moments with out the reality suffering. Flessy and Glenn offer the best of both worlds: meticulous planners, but always responsive and looking to capture authentic moments of spontaneity. Together they have truly become more than the sum of their parts, offering a genuinely unique approach.

About Zoe McConnell

ZOE MCCONNELL’s natural creativity and innate ability to work with people and capture them at their best has established her as a firm favourite with brands, models and stars alike. Big names such as Rihanna, curve superstars like Barbie Ferreira and Instagram favourites like Baddie Winkle have all had the McConnell treatment. Zoe gets women. She knows how to make them feel beautiful and confident on camera. She understands how to direct and pose to get the best out of both personality and fashion. Zoe herself modelled for 10 years before switching to the other side of the camera, this has given her an invaluable insight into how to direct models of all shapes and sizes whilst maintaining product performance over entire campaigns. Often mimicked but never bettered, Zoe loves to allow the personality of her subjects come through in her photography. Her style is raw and real but polished. Capable of mixing up lighting techniques to suit a style or location, it’s the energy and vibrancy found in her editorial fashion shoots and translated through to her commercial work that makes her work unmistakably easy to identify.

About Steve Neaves

STEVE NEAVES is a photographer whose trademark filmic approach has led him to work with Hollywood movie stars, renowned music artists and some of the world’s top sportsmen on a variety of projects. Always willing to experiment and embrace new technologies and methods within photography, it was a natural progression into film-making. Initially creating MOTOs (moving photos), cinemagraphs and short CGI clips of film he is now established as a Director and DOP within his own right. In an effort to offer an entire 360 degree approach to film-making he is also skilled in all post-production processes. A gifted editor, colourist and CGI artist, Steve will oversee post-production work or directly carry out creative and technical tasks himself.





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